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Manicures & Pedicures

Keeping your fingers and toes in tip top condition and looking beautiful is one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression and inject a touch of glamour into your life; it’s the perfect beauty pick-me-up. Whether it’s a quick gloss of varnish in the latest colour, or a more indulgent conditioning treatment, Spirit manicures and pedicures are just the ticket. Or keep up with your favourite celebrities and their fabulous Minx nails, incredible designs that will compliment your no doubt stylish footwear.

Our chosen products come from world-leading nail care companies OPI, Creative, Bio Sculpture and Nailtiques . All our technicians have been trained to the very highest standards ensuring you’ll receive the most exacting quality of service at our dedicated nail bar.


Unleash your Inner MINX

  • Minx Toe Nails – 60 Minutes – £35
  • Footspa, hard skin removal or exfoliation add-on available (request when booking) £15


Natural Nail Manicures

  • Luxury Spa Manicure – 60 Minutes – £35
    Indulge in precise nail shaping, cuticle tidying, invigorating exfoliation, followed by a rich hand and arm massage  including a paraffin wax treatment to hydrate and soothe tired, dry hands. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful OPI nail polishes to finish your Luxury Manicure.
  • Original Spa Manicure – 45 Minutes – £31.50
    Your nails will be cut and tidied, your cuticles soaked and trimmed where necessary with a hand and arm massage to further relax you. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful OPI nail polishes to finish your Spa Manicure.
  • Nailtiques Manicure – 45 Minutes – £31.50
    Using personalised protein for your nail type, whether brittle or peeling, we can solve your nail problems fast.  We’ll help your nails stay beautiful for longer with a full home care range available.
  • Mini Manicure – 30 Minutes – £25
    Nail shape, cuticle soak and tidy, moisturise and a coat of clear polish.
  • File and Polish – 30 Minutes – £18
    Nail shape, tidy and polish. (Includes french polish if required).

Natural Nail Pedicures

Life can often be tough on our feet and it’s easy to overlook them in our beauty regimes. So why not revive them and get those toes twinkling with one of our superior pedicures.

  • Luxury Spa Pedicure – 1 hour 15 minutes – £39.50
    A rejuvenating pedicure that includes foot spa, cut and file of the nails, cuticle tidy, hard skin removal, exfoliation, foot and leg massage with paraffin wax treatment to help moisturising oils deeply penetrate and soften skin.  Choose from a wide variety of beautiful OPI nail polishes to finish your Luxury Spa Pedicure.
  • Spirit Pedicure – 60 Minutes – £34.50
    Our famous pedicure! Perfect all year round for keeping your feet in great condition.  Begin with a soak in the foot spa, nails cut and filed, cuticles tidied, hard skin removal, exfoliation and a relaxing foot and leg massage.  Choose from a wide variety of beautiful OPI nail polishes to finish your Spirit Pedicure.
  • Express Pedicure – 30 minutes – £25
    Nails cut and filed, cuticles tidied, moisturise followed by your choice of OPI nail polish.

Don’t forget to bring open-toed shoes and allow 24 hours for polish to dry completely before wearing enclosed shoes. If you don’t want to wait for your varnish to dry and harden, opt for Shellac or Minx – and they will be bone dry when you leave the salon. So whether it’s the gym or the office that’s next on your list, trainers or Jimmy Choo’s, Shellac or Minx are the perfect combination.