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Happy New Year!!
From all of us at Spirit xo

We hope you all had a lovely time celebrating Christmas and the New Year with friends and family.
This year we have some new and exciting things coming into play. We are very pleased to be introducing a new treatment in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out!

Amy, 02 December 2018



Merry Christmas and welcome back to our Spirit Blog.

It has been a while since a recent update on what is happening at Spirit has been posted. Where do we start…

This year saw our beautiful and lovely lady in charge Miss Emma Tilley become Mrs Emma Robson!! The wedding was held at Rivervale Barn in Yately, early September. We couldn’t be happier for Tom and Emma! The day was absolutely perfect and the bride looked exquisite.

At Spirit we do our best to keep up to date with the latest treatments and products on the market for you to enjoy. We are a friendly and welcoming team of girls working in a luxury boutique environment, so we haven’t seen you before pop in for visit!

We would love to meet you, so please come on in and meet the team, Emma, Laura, Amy and Georgie.

Amy, 22 November 2017


As most of you know Laura has had her little baby girl called Phoebe! We are all totally in love with our new Spirit edition ♥ It’s going to be a busy few months with holidays and weddings so there’s plenty of exciting things coming up! We hope you had a lovely Easter and you too are looking forward to a holiday somewhere sunny!

Emma, 7 May 2014
Well after a Christmas and new year of well and truly indulging it’s nice to be back at work and into a routine again! Our lovely Laura has gone on maternity leave (no sign of the baby yet!) as all of you who know Laura will know that it is very suddenly quiet in the salon! But we won’t be able to keep her away for too long 🙂

There are lot’s of exciting things coming up at Spirit this year including us doing an event at both the Convent and Alton house hotel so look out for us!

Emma, 9 January 2014
We are very pleased to annonce that we will now be stocking Elemis Fresh Skin products! Perfect for teens to twenties who feel they need that little bit of help with their skin, whether that be breakouts or sensitivity Elemis has thought of everything and perfectly priced so you won’t be breaking the bank in your quest for perfect skin!

And if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas presents for your loved ones then look no further that Spirit. We now have all of our gorgeous Elemis christmas boxes in. There’s something for everyone, with gorgeous packaging, lots of savings and luxury bags it takes all the stress out of christmas! But hurry as they are selling fast and we don’t want you to miss out!

Emma, 30 November 2013


Well, 2013 has been a very busy year for us all; Jamie had the beautiful baby Mia, Emma and Laura bought the salon from Ali, Hannah and Megan completed their Elemis Facialist training with a couple of the highest scores on their final exam that Elemis have ever seen. Not suffice with all that we have now moved premises to 19 Normandy Street, our all new, small but perfectly formed boutique spa, refurbed completely to our design and specification.

However, we won’t be resting on our laurels as we will be celebrating our 10th birthday this October, watch this space for more news and check out our special offers page as there is bound to be some great birthday gifts… from us to you.

Ali, 15 August 2013

Join me in welcoming Emma to our site, a long-standing member of the Spirit spa team and team leader for our SpiritX therapists Emma has a loyal following of Elemis facial clients. She will regularly be updating this page with Elemis product news and reviews and don’t hesitate to contact her on if you have a question you’d like answered. Now Emma, it’s over to you…

You’ve heard Elemis products are great and you have a friend who’s using them. Her skin is looking amazing and you want that too. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start and that’s what I’m hoping to achieve on this page, I’m not just a professional but an Elemis user too.


I would like to introduce a brand new Elemis Product, ‘Pro-intense lift effect’. This breakthrough moisturiser triggers a significant remodelling effect in cheek sagging and improves the tautness of the jaw line and facial contours. When used in conjunction with the new ‘Pro-collagen advanced eye treatment’ it has astonishing results and at only £55 I think that you will agree that it’s a steal!

Product Reviews

Every product and treatment created by Elemis is about achieving a purpose, a goal and finding results that haven’t been seen before. Each Elemis system is about tailoring the products to suit your skins individual needs. Below are my personal views and experience of this great product range, I hope you’ll find it helpful.

December 2012

This month I thought that I would focus on resurfacing products. Through the summer months our skin takes a battering from the elements, be that hot sunshine or in our case gale force winds and torrential rain! We are all guilty of slightly neglecting our skin especially on holiday when most of us simply apply greasy sun cream and then a bit of aftersun, it’s easy to forget that as your skin changes you need to adapt the products that you use to suit your skin.

As we get into the colder months and towards christmas (eek!) now is the perfect time to start your resurfacing regime. If your concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne scarring then the tri-enzyme products are perfect for you.

I have asked a few of my clients ranging in ages who are currently using some of the tri-enzyme range to tell us what they think.

Hannah aged 20

I started using the tri-enzyme wash and mask as my skin is combination. The wash instantly smooths my skin and leaves it feeling really clean and fresh. Even after just a few days my skins tone and texture had greatly improved, I would definitely recommend the products to anyone!

So start you resurfacing regime today! But remember to wear your SPF everyday even if it’s not sunny!

Love Emma x

December 2012


September 2012

I find that in my skin care routine keeping it simple is the best thing for me, if I start to use too many products my skin goes on strike. My daily skin care routine currently consists of a few key products which really improve my complexion:

  • Melting Cleansing Gel- A gorgeous zesty gel that when you add water it turns to a luxurious cream which leaves my skin feeling ‘squeaky clean’.
  • Soothing Apricot Toner- A fruity smelling toner that really helps to calm and soothe my skin.
  • Visible Brilliance Serum- Brightens and revitilises my skin giving it a lovely glow. Perfect alone or underneath make-up.
  • Maximum Moisture Day Cream- An amazing moisturiser which adapts to your skins individual needs making it a must have for everyone!

So it’s time to ditch the make-up wipes and invest in Elemis! Keep an eye out for our christmas boxes which are out soon with some amazing savings and lots of gorgeous goodies for your loved ones and you plus they’re a really great way to kick-start a new regime.

I look forward to chatting with you again soon. If you’d like to ask me any questions please email me

Love Emma x

September 2012

About Me

I feel I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Emma, I’m 21 and I’ve been trained in Elemis for 3 years now. I may sound biased when I say this but Elemis is definitely the best product company I have used! It has taken me years to find products to suit my skin which can range from oily to sensitive to suffering from breakouts. I have tried everything ranging from every product Boots sells to higher end professional products but nothing before seemed to help for more than a few weeks.

I must admit I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and adverts which claim to solve all of your problems, but as we know from spending our hard-earned money that this is not true! Maybelline has a lot to answer for but with Elemis you know that what they say on the packaging is the truth, plus they clinically trial all of their facials to optimise the results for every client. As you can tell I’m a true Elemis advocate.

Question & Answer

Mary by email

Dear Emma,

I have a daughter, your age and she won’t use moisturiser because she says she has oily skin, what do you recommend I encourage her to use? Also, I am trying to persuade her to ‘ditch the make-up wipes’ and have pretty much succeeded accept with eye make up, any better ideas?

Many thanks Mary


Dear Mary,

With the Elemis cleansers they are designed to be so gentle on your skin that they are perfect for taking off eye make-up. Apply a little bit to a cotton pad and gently rub the eyes and the make-up should come off very easily.

Even though she has oily skin she should still use a moisturiser as the more you try and dry your skin out the more oil your skin produces to balance itself. Maximum moisture day cream is amazing for any skin type and would be perfect for her. She should also use a toner (balancing lavender toner would be perfect) as this will regulate the skins PH preventing it from over-producing oil.

I hope this helps Mary!

Love Emma x